Investing Philosophy

Osborne Global Investors is a money management firm founded in 2004 by Holmes Osborne. The firm prides itself on research and personal contact with clients. Many of the ideas come directly from Holmes Osborne. Most financial advisors do not conduct in depth research. Most financial advisors are “asset gatherers”. This means their job is to find new clients, invest clients’ money in the firm’s recommended investments, and then go find another client.

Holmes Osborne has visited corporate headquarters and shareholder meetings of companies all over the world including:  Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro, Medellin, Omaha, and Hong Kong.   

We avoid risky investments like Bitcoin and options.  We occasionally use mutual funds but try to avoid them (except in 401Ks).  We find with mutual funds, it’s difficult to know what you are investing in and most funds invest in very large companies.  Clients can purchase mutual funds on their own.  We don’t like annuities as their fees are high, investments limited, and not tax-friendly.   

Osborne Global Investors is a fiduciary.  We charge quarterly fees.  We keep our fees low.  Read this article entitled 7 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Financial Advisor. 

We manage diversified portfolios.  We own the stocks of American companies and companies domiciled in other countries and other currencies.  Many American investment companies exclusively focus on the U.S.  Focusing exclusively on the U.S. is not being diversified.  We are also not overdiversified.  Many firms overinvest clients into dozens of funds, holding thousands of investments.  We find holding thirty to forty positions properly diversifies a portfolio.

Holmes Osborne holds the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst designation).  The CFA recommended for investment professionals who want to make investment decisions for the clients.   Many money management companies require their investment managers to hold the CFA.  This article from the CFA Institute discusses the differences between the CFA, CFP, MBA, and CPA.